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All together, now. 

(Deep breath in) Fa-La-La-La-Laaaaaa (Quick breath in) La-Laaaa (Quick breath in) Laaaa (Big breath in) LAAAAAAAAAA!

That’s a lot of La’s. As we begin to wind down 2021, I have an equal number of L-ish wishes for you. May you:

  • Live: Engage, Explore, Experience, Express, Expand, Enjoy (a little E digression there…)! Also ache and cry and grieve and long. This is it, and it’s all for you.
  • Love: Be kind to yourself. Whisper (or shout) to yourself the words you long to hear from others – “I love you – exactly as you are.” Find one person or thing you love more than yourself, and let them know.
  • Light: Seek the dark corners of your self and illuminate them. Bring unconscious filters and habits into the sun for scrutiny. Befriend the discomfort of your strongest feelings.
  • Learn: Stay open. Grow. Question old assumptions. Update truisms. Distinguish facts from interpretations. Prioritize concrete experience over abstract concepts. 
  • Let: Visit the Should Shed less often. Accept each moment (for the moment) before responding. See the present properly to impact the future.
  • Laugh: Chuckle, cackle, snort, guffaw and bellow, with aching belly and tear-streaked cheeks. Roll with contradictions and paradoxes, since you can’t banish them. Take yourself less seriously. See how easily mistakes, embarrassment and shame pass to the past when you focus on what truly matters.
  • Lead: Model wisdom. Be an example, not expecting others to ape your behaviors, but hoping they might emulate your vulnerability, authenticity and service.
  • Leave: Die. No rush! But we all must. Without dwelling, consider The End. Face the thought of it. Draw the venom from its sting. Then, you needn’t walk in death’s shadow. Life after death? First, prove there is life before death! 

Also wishing you safety and health,


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