Coaching for Members of Staff

Greater Engagement. Enhanced Effectiveness. Improved Leadership.

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Three Decades Shaping
Personal & Professional Development
in Elite Organizations
  • In-house mentoring, career counseling, and junior leader training at McKinsey & Company.
  • Direct experience in commercial, social and state sectors.
  • Led and coached distributed, multi-functional teams at Google and multiple other organizations.
  • Coaching to build client capabilities in consulting engagements.
  • Led complex national supply chain through coaching alongside performance management.
  • Infantry platoon leader and company 2IC
  • Graduate of the U.S. Army’s most elite leadership training at West Point and Ranger School.

Helping your staff bring their best. Helping leavers transition successfully.

Professional Impact

  • Greater self-awareness leading to increased individual effectiveness
  • Greater accountability and responsibility
  • Improved engagement and connection with business goals and values
  • Larger sustainable contribution
  • Targeted and sustained behavior change
  • More impactful leadership


  • Sharpen understanding of personal priorities and aims
  • Access a constructive mindset with respect to their departure
  • Address internal work to bring best self to the next step
  • Creative generation and structured assessment of opportunities
  • Concrete plan for long-term future, the next step, and options along the way
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Working with Your Staff

  • Results-focused, empirically-based, and customized to each client.
  • Communication, personal effectiveness, and functional skills plus multiplier capabilities of self-understanding and awareness.
  • Self-assessments plus 360-degree feedback.
  • Structured content and exercises to inform and accelerate coaching sessions.
  • Anchored in performance objectives and current activities.



LinkedIn Recommendations

Doug was in a field of one for people I wanted to be our first COO. I have learned a tremendous amount from Doug on many subjects but in particular around personal development… I have continued to work with Doug on subsequent projects and recommend him highly as a coach/mentor or collaborator.

Stephen Greene, CEO, RockCorps

I’ve worked with Doug in various roles over the past 12 years and he’s had a huge impact on my career and personal development. He mentored and coached me through my first few years in the sector which resulted in me receiving a secondment into the Cabinet Office. Since then he has mentored me in more informal capacities through my various jobs, enabling me to finally set up my own non-profit with much greater confidence.

Mona Bani, Managing Director, Revoke

Doug is intensely interested and interesting. He has worked in all kinds of settings, which means he has an open-minded, curious and inquiring mind with he uses effectively to listen, question and support. I have experienced him working 1:1 and in groups, and his enthusiasm, friendly directness and genuine interest to understand people and what is going on works equally well in both settings. Finally, Doug is stimulating and fun to work with. You’ll leave any interaction with him with greater energy and more confidence about what to do next.

Tom Rippin, CEO, On Purpose

Doug was an incredible leader, who stood out even at Google. He cut through any bureaucracy like butter, made everyone feel that they had a voice & could achieve anything.
Leading strategically from behind, he allowed all those around him to shine.
I learned so much from Doug about integrity, active listening and dealing with chaos calmly, and would love to work with him again.

Jenny Collines, Chief Talent Officer, Mayfair Equity Partners

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