Career Crossroads

with Doug Fraley

I help high achievers who are at a career crossroads create the work and life they want.

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Successful but Unfulfilled? Let Me Help.

I help high achievers who are at a career crossroads create the work and life they want by owning their current situation, identifying what truly matters, choosing their path and becoming the person who can and will walk it. You’ll get:

A pinpointed destinationA concrete definition of the life you really want – what matters TO YOU when you free yourself from inherited definitions of success.

A stable launch point – A clear picture and understanding of your current situation (internal & external), free of long-standing distortions.

Fuel and fitness – A liberating sense of ownership and empowerment for reaching your destination, and a programme of self-development practices to free the self that is needed for the journey.

A career vehicle – A detailed map, tools and guidance for choosing and moving to the work / business that will take you to the destination.

Book a 15-minute Exploratory Call

Book a 15-minute Exploratory Call

My Background and Approach

I draw on and share 36 years of leadership, mentoring and coaching, from West Point through McKinsey & Company, Google, the UK Cabinet Office and a decade of social entrepreneurship. My professional life has been consistently working with and giving guidance to some of the top talent in the world.

My work bridges traditional divides to help you bring your whole self to your career decision:

Structure and Creativity – the discipline of engineering decision making along with invitations and exercises to access your full range of options and opportunities.

Head and Heart – factual investigation and rational evaluation plus access to the wisdom of emotion and sensation.

Liberation and Accountability – revealing long-standing assumptions that limit your view of yourself while also helping you take responsibility for the stories and concepts that shape your life.

Purpose and Pragmatism – identifying and honoring your authentic aims, then creating the version of yourself to pursue these aims. All with a firm grounding in your current reality and a recognition of what change requires.

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Ready for Help?

Have you enjoyed sustained success?

Are you frustrated that your achievement hasn’t delivered the life you want?

Are you ready to re-evaluate what success is and to chart a path based on what truly matters to you?

Are you willing to look at yourself unflinchingly and take ownership of your situation?

Are you open to personal change and new adventure as you consider career change?

Do you have the stability and support in your life to weather a career transition?

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