Philosophical Coach

Doug Fraley

 Pressing Questions. Honest Investigation. New Perspective.

Ready to make a change, but unsure how?

Problems at work or in relationships? Considering a new direction? Struggling to be as effective as you want?

Despite your success, do you feel something is missing?
Are you frustrated with failed ‘fixes’?

Are you ready to look at yourself and your situation with uncompromising but compassionate honesty?

As a coach, I can:

Act as a sounding board

Bring underlying assumptions/beliefs into the open

Hold up a mirror

Provide safe space to articulate the unspoken

Introduce alternative perspectives

Give a structured way forward

Your issues open you to new possibilities, but you may need help to see them.


  • Find direction
  • Navigate roadblocks
  • Manage blind spots


  • Break painful patterns
  • Give up control
  • Find intimacy without dependence


  • Build self-awareness
  • Find self-compassion
  • Increase robustness

Big Picture

  • Challenge assumptions
  • Find new perspective
  • Live your truth

Working with You

I am focusing my coaching work on the Career Crossroads programme. 

In rare cases, I may undertake a bespoke coaching arrangement. If you would like to discuss this, you can arrange a call, in which:

  • You help me understand your situation and what you would like to get from our engagement.
  • I share initial thoughts about my ability to help and ways we might proceed.
  • If appropriate, we agree a pricing structure, meeting rhythm and style of interaction. 



philosophical coach, spiritual coach


Doug is so easy to talk to. He gives real insight without using jargon or buzzwords. Whether  dealing with my boss, considering a job change or tackling a management or strategy issue, I’ve always left our conversations with more clarity and a way forward.

Tim, London

Doug has the unique ability to help me navigate multiple layers of questioning, from short term career/relationship problem solving through to guiding a deeper reflection of what “this” is all about. I have a deep interest in life’s big questions and mysteries, but I also live a pretty normal life grappling with everyday problems, aspirations and goals. Over the years, Doug has been one of the key sounding boards that has helped me bring the pieces of the puzzle together.

Mark, Melbourne

Cuts to the issue. Guides without dictating. Makes you see some things you don’t want to but have to.

Sonya, Washington D.C.

Still Have Questions?

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