Career Crossroads – Community Annual Subscription


Career Crossroads – Community. One year access to the Career Crossroads Community, with special events with Doug and/or guests, plus chance to compare notes and progress with other participants.

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Career Crossroads - Discover Your Inner Frontier to Create the Life, Work, and Self You Deserve

Having completed Career Crossroads - whether one your own through the book or online course or via the group or 1-to-1 coaching programs - being in the Career Crossroads community lets you stay in touch with career and personal growth related developments outside the course updates (which you'll have access to anyway).

Doug will hold periodic events, either based on what he is working on or in response to requests in the community.

And of course, you can network and collaborate with other community members to tap into the rich set of experiences and ideas across the range of people who have decided to move on from their Old Stories and Narrow-Mindedness to their New Stories and Radical Ownership!


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