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Career Crossroads – Discover Your Inner Frontier to Create the Life, Work, and Self You Deserve. PDF book for printing or reading on a digital device. 278 pages with exercises, guides, and templates for your own self-renewal and career redefinition program.

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Career Crossroads - Discover Your Inner Frontier to Create the Life, Work, and Self You Deserve

This book exists because I want to help you.

Like many others, you may feel stuck. Although you sense that there must be more life available to you, it seems hidden or beyond reach. You find yourself at a major career and life Crossroads, and you could use a hand to navigate its questions, re-orienting yourself to access that “something” that is missing.

Many people languish in unfulfilling lives or bounce from one ill-judged alternative to another. They lack the guidance to move from reproducing a picture of success defined by others (parents, teachers, society) to creating one themselves. And they don’t have the support to replace restrictive beliefs that hold them back from their potential. I call this updating their Story.

As you might guess, I’ve been there. The approach in this book arose through extensive research, trial, and error, all to ease my plight. I have helped with questions about life direction and work fulfillment for thirty years. This was a natural part of my role as a leader and mentor in the U.S. Army, McKinsey & Company, Google, and the social start-ups I helped create. Since 2015, I’ve made it my business to help clients update their Stories, because I get great personal value from it. I would love to help you live with greater courage, freedom, creativity, and meaning. Engaging with you at a Career Crossroads is an ideal way to do that.

The concrete output from your work through the Career Crossroads approached detailed in this book is a career and life plan. This is valuable, but I think what you pick up along the way is even more important. What is that? First, the improved self-awareness that will inform that plan. Second, the mindset and self-management tools to make your implementation more likely and more effective. Third, an approach to your ongoing career and life that keeps the plan alive and fresh as you and the world continue to evolve.


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